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Professional Drain Cleaning and

Line Opening Services

"We clean your drains, not your wallet"

Call 717-684-2844

Based out of Washington Boro PA, we proudly service customers throughout the entire Lancaster County region.

Don't let clogged drains ruin your day, call today.


The best in the business! Don't go anywhere else. Best service and best prices! Ricky is the man for your line opening, plumbing, and many other needs!


                                           - M. Kane

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Rick Vogel (also known to some as "Ricky Rooter") of R & B Line Opening Service has been opening drain lines for home owners and businesses for over 20 years.


Providing drain line opening services 24 hours a day, 8 days a week has become the norm. Yes, 8 days, not 7 says Rick.


"When drains are disrupted, life and business is disrupted, and it is our job to be there to get life back on track".


R & B makes it their job to provide assistance when it is needed the most. We make emergency same day service available whenever possible.


More Lancaster county home owners have come to trust R & B Line Opening Service for their clogged drain needs knowing they are in good hands. 

Professional experience and timely response is what we do best here at R & B Line Opening Service.

Isn't it time we do it for you? Call today. 717-684-2844

R & B Line Opening, Sewer and Drain Cleaning Call 717-684-2844
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